Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Holly Jolly Dress

First off Merry Christmas to all.  I hope this post finds you well and enjoying time with your family.  I just got back from visiting my in laws and am looking forward to spending Christmas morning here with my husband and kids.  Now onto the dress.

My friend Meredith gave me a huge bag of Christmas fabric this summer.  Huge as in this dress didn't even make a dent in it huge.  My plan was to make all 3 girls (my 1 plus her 2) skirts but Christmas kept getting closer and I ended up deciding to push that project to 2014.  Instead I let Emily pick her favorite fabric out of the bag figuring I would work whatever she picked into a Christmas version of the Oliver and S Library Dress.  Not shockingly she picked the wildest print in the bag.
She picked the large scale holly print and then I paired it with the stripped holly fabric as well as some red and green solids.  I figured a dress out of the print she picked would be loud so I should go ahead and push it over the edge instead of trying to calm it down.

  If your still with me the patter was pretty great.  The construction seems a little weird but I stuck with it and it all worked out quite well.  The fabric was thin I'm guessing poly cotton blend vintage quilters cotton so it wasn't bad to deal with but isn't exactly lovely either.  Thankfully this style dress can handle being made out of a fabric that doesn't really drape well though it would be lovely out of one that did.