Monday, December 30, 2013

Um Awesome

So when the Kitchy Coo Lady Skater Dress started its blog tour I was a bit unimpressed with the pattern.  I mean its just  knit top with an aline skirt right?  Right?  But then why did everyone look so great in the ones they made?  I started to believe there was just something special about the pattern.  Something about the proportions, maybe the way it hits, maybe the neckline, maybe well who knows but everyone looked great but still I waited.  I mean couldn't I draft a skirt to go with my TNT tee pattern?  Oh wait just a second I don't even have a TNT tee pattern.  Then she put it on sale and I ordered the PDF.  All I can say is WOW I'm so glad I did!  I still can't explain exactly why this pattern works but boy does it work for me.
I mean it even works without my hands on my hips.  But wait this gets better.
Its even looks good when photographed from behind.  Now I'm pretty sure we all know that lots of projects do not get a rear view on the internet right ladies?
Now for the details.  I don't remember what size I made but i do remember that I made one in the shoulders and chest but went up a size for the waist and skirt.  I probably could have gotten by without this as the waist is a smidgen loose but I really didn't want negative ease in the waist.  The fabric is one of the fabrics that I bought in Paris.  It is super soft and drapes beautifully but I also knew it would leave nothing to the imagination if used alone so I lined the bodice and skirt with the weird cheap I don't really remember if its nylon or poly knit that Joann's carries.  Honestly, while I would never make a dress out of this fabric it makes a great lining.  My tights don't stick to it and it added some much needed thickness and stability to the bodice.  The only change I made to the pattern other then lining it was finishing the hem with a rolled hem from my serger.  This was done out of laziness but it looks nice as well.

So with that I give you my whole heated recommendation for the Lady Skater Dress.  I'm even considering adding the Penny Pinafore to my stash.


  1. Oh my... this dress is adorable.. I have seen it all over the internet, and agree with you..It didn't seem like alot to it..You have proved, it is fantastic.. I may just have to order it too.ha

  2. You're right - the fit is great! The fabric is lovely, too.

  3. Thank you ladies. I'm really excited to try it again.