Friday, December 20, 2013


Maybe its just the fashion blogs I read but I've been noticing more and more sponsored reviews as of late.  You know the type.  The blogger gets something for free and then mostly raves about how great the product happens to be.  Now I am totally fine with this.  Truth be told I do the same thing in a heartbeat if given the opportunity but sometimes I wounder how genuine the raves are.  Its not that I think anyone is being dishonest on purpose but I think its hard for anyone to say less then nice things about a product that they got as a gift.

 So in a round about way that lead me to this post.  You see a few weeks ago one of the blogs I read was raving about fabkids.  Usually I would not have paid much attention to a post about buying kids clothes but Elijah seems to have outgrown 90% of his winter clothing and I just haven't been getting as much sewing done in general this season so I was caught at a weak moment.  It also helped that they were doing a buy one outfit for $39.95 get a second free deal meaning I could get each kid one outfit if I signed up.  I decided to go ahead and give it a go and figured while I was at it I'd write an unsponsered review here on my blog.

The site has creates a profile for each kid and then recommends a few  3 piece outfits that they think you will like.  Sounds nice and it is except that the recommended outfits didn't really suit my kids style as well as some of the other outfits on the sight.  Not a problem as you can pick from any outfits not just the recommended ones and I may not have done the best job on the survey being as many of the brands it references are far out of my kids clothes price range.  So here's what I picked.
Elijah's outfit consisted of a pair of knit pants, a striped shirt that says "Awesome all day every day", and bright green socks.  I was a bit worried about size since he is in the largest size they sell but everything seems to fit well.  The pants are actually not way to big around on him which is a win for us but could be a problem for someone who was a bit larger.  The shirt is amazingly soft and are the pants so he's sold and while I was worried about kids socks on a kid with feet bigger then mine they work too.

Emily's outfit consisted of a pair of leopard print pants, a cute shirt, and headband.  The pants are a little loose at the waist but stay up and have elastic cuffs.  The shirt has shoulder ruffles, sequins, and a lining under the applique so its not itchy.  I really didn't think a headband would work with her glasses but this one does.

I feel like I got a pretty good deal since I get everything for less the 40 dollars.  It seems like not all outfits are created equal though.  Some boys outfits come with 2 shirts and a pair of pants.  Some girls outfits have a top, leggings, and a skirt.  Others just have socks or a hair accessory.  The quality on everything we got was good though.
I also really like that the outfits come as sets being as I'm not nearly as good at putting together cute sort of matched outfits as I would like to be.  I think the site would be worth visiting for inspiration even if you never bought a thing.  As for me I plan on keeping my account for the moment but probably will only but things some months when they are running sales.  I like the clothes but at full price they are a bit more then I tend to spend on everyday kids clothes.

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