Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Wahoo Dress

Our swim team is in the process of renovating a new facility and moving.  One of the things we did recently was clean out and move out of our old office space.  Just like a house it was full of years of stuff most of which was trash but some of which was good.   Among the good things were several years of leftover tee shirts that we ended up selling to members for $1 each.  While I was sorting them I had the great idea to make Emily a dress.
I decided to use the farbenmix Henrika pattern.  I knew the gores would allow me to use several images plus the front, back, and sleeves.  I'm working on making another one and a tutorial so pictures of the cutting layout should be up tomorrow.
 I've made the pattern several times now and its a great little dress pattern.  Construction wise it was no harder then sewing a regular knit dress.  The real challenge was fitting the pieces on to the tee shirts in such a way that the images looked good.


  1. What a smart idea.. Super cute dress and super cute Emily.

  2. What a fun idea! This would be a great way to "keep" memories, but they would have a purpose too. Love it!

  3. I love that style of dress! Such a great way to keep those memories too!

  4. what a fun dress... the colors are great! I'm loving project Run and PLay! I also linked up this week, a recycled Sweater...Emily@nap-timecreations