Monday, January 6, 2014

2014 Planning?

I would love to tell you that I've put together a list of very serious goals for 2014.  Many of you out there in blog land have some great ideas that I've been tempted to copy.  In the end though I've decided to stick with sewing what I want to sew when I have both the time and inclination to do so.  That said here are a few basic plans.
  • In terms of specific projects I'll be making monthly plans.  This month I want to finish challenge 1 for Project Run and Play (probably the only sew along challenge I will be doing).  I also want to make a Renfew top.  I got the pattern for Christmas and I'm very excited.  If my first attempt doesn't go super well I plan on combining it with the Lady Skater dress since that did work well.
  • Stash diet.  Honestly, this will be for both fabric and patterns and the rules are these.  If I buy a new pattern it has to be for fabric that I have and I must be ready to use it right that moment.  I can only buy now fabric to complete a project unless it is for a pattern that my daughter has picked out.  Oh and fabric for hoodies for Elijah being as I have no good boy fabric at the moment.
  • I got myself a subscription to Burda Style USA.  I would like to make at least 1 thing from each issue.
That is it and they are not even firm goals.  I will update you through the year on projects that I've taken on but I don't want to commit myself to a bunch of projects that over time I may or may not want to do when the time comes.  I'm also working more these days and Emily has been like ready to wear clothes more then big dresses lately.

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  1. I like your plans..I agree totally.. I am not going to do the sew alongs either.. I want to sew what I have on my mind at the time.ha [I do Sarah Liz's sew a garment a month].. That works well.. I can sew anything I want].
    Happy sewing.