Friday, January 17, 2014

almost tagless leggings

When it comes to homemade leggings there is a battle brewing here in my house.  Battle may be too strong a term but at minimum there is a major problem.  Emily swims year round so despite being a slender little thing she has a muscular little tail so she need leggings with a higher rise in the back.  The problem here is she also can't stand tags.  I've thought about stenciling them but honestly that is an awful lot of work for a pair of leggings so I decided to try something new with the most recent pair.  So far she has worn them without complaining.
I sewed a strip of fold over elastic to the the back.
Flip it up and top stitch to cover the raw edge.
Sew in elastic and finish the waistband.  This left the foe feeling like part of the waistband but it clearly marks the back.  She wears this pair with a dress so you can't see it on the outside but I think it would look like a cool feature if it were visible.

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