Friday, January 24, 2014

Little Black Top

I've been busy.  I'm also trying to make useful well made garments this year.  For that matter I'm trying to keep the stress out of sewing.  I sew for stress relief and enjoyment so that's how it should be right?  Anyways one thing I'm doing to help with this is to only have one project in the works at a time.  Each time I finish a project I can decide which one to do next but I don't have 4 or 5 things cut and ready.  Under this new system the first official all in 2014 make is the renfrew top from sewaholic patterns.
Boy do I need a haircut but that's not the point I guess.  I've been interested in this pattern for a long time and got it for Christmas this year and I'm really pleased.  Technically this is my second attempt.  I made one out of some weird light purple knit in from my stash and decided that it needed to be a bit longer with slightly longer sleeves.  Truth be told I probably added a little too much but I'm guessing that the tall girls out there understand how that can happen.  I just loathe sleeves that are too short.
This one is made from a bamboo rayon mix that was also in my stash.  I think I bought it for remake month but didn't get to the remake.  It is lovely and so very soft.  It was also not bad at all to sew.  It tried to roll a bit here and there but no worse then my usual cotton lycra.  It was a little weird to photograph though.  Every little fabric ripple looked like a different kind of ripple in most of the pictures and I promise most of them are just fabric.
The pattern itself is also great.  Lot's of pictures in the directions.  I did do most of the sewing with my serger though.  I'm also not sure I really like the bottom band.  I get that its supposed to be easier but now that I know how to hem knits it really takes more effort to but the band on then it would to just hem the bottom so we shall see.  Either way I'm sure there will be more of these.

Oh and I'm going to send the link in to the stash diet so let me also share that technically speaking this project took 6 yards out of my stash.  3 of weird lavender knit for the muslin that hit the trash upon creation and 3 of the black for this top.

Up next are Emily Valentines Day outfit which is technically finished and a Jalie cardigan for me.


  1. Oooh I need simple black and white knit tops. I am starting to think the Renfrew is a must. I see too many awesome versions. Nicely done.

    1. I really like this pattern. Its hard for me to get excited about making a black top but it sure is nice to makesomething useful.

  2. Love your black Renfrew.. Great job.. I too, like to just hem my knit tops... a lot easier to me!!!
    Can't wait to see Emily's valentine outfit. Happy sewing.