Friday, January 3, 2014

Top 5 Hits and Misses

If you will forgive me I would like to jump on the top 5 bandwagon but I'm not sure if I will really get my hits and misses ranked 1-5 or just do 5 worst misses and 5 biggest hits.  Either way lets start with the misses.
The grey dress from Sewing With Knits Craftsy course.  Honestly the whole class was a bit of a miss.  I did pick up a few good tips though so it was worth the sale price I paid.  I had high hopes though and only 1 of the 5 garments I made didn't end up in the donate pile.
The purple crushed panel dress.  I actually did like it but it was such a static monster that it rode up on the slip.  Also the neckline was uneven and gaped on one side when I sat.  Oh well live and learn.
She picked the fabric and approved the pattern.  I think its great but it turns out I made the wrong view so this dress almost never got worn all because she didn't like the little flaps at the neckline.  Ugh!
I made two muslins of the Colette Zinnia pattern and both looked awful.  First one was way too big as I measured the waist band for this version and thought that was the size I needed.  The second was just a bit tight and was the point when I realized that the pleats being in the same place for all size means that while it looks cute on smaller sizes on me it just puts a bunch of big pleats over my tummy not cute.  Honestly, I think I need to accept that as cute as most Colette designs are they are not drafted for my body type at all.
I stalked this pattern and hoarded the fabric but the style just isn't that flattering.  Also I rushed on the neckline and it doesn't lay well.

Now for the Hits.
Proof that fitting is worth the effort I may not have many TNT patterns but this skirt pattern rocks the house.
He loves these hoodies.  I should sew more for him but I'm glad he appreciates these so much.
The pattern itself was a bit of a pain but I loved the way this dress turned out and I think she looks beautiful.
I know this one is super recent but it looks great, I get lots of compliments, the fabric is from Paris, and I'm sure it will be getting some friends soon.

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  1. Stephanie,
    you have done some fantastic sewing in 2013. I too, picked up some great tips on the craftsy knit class.. But, the patterns were not the best for me.
    Love Emilys dress. So pretty on her.. And the hoodie for your cute.. Two adorable kids.
    Happy sewing.