Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Winter Pink

I quick peek into my fabric stash would show you that I tend towards spring and summer fabrics and prints.  Perhaps that's why this pale pink baby cord with tiny pink and yellow flowers assaulted me last year and demanded to be purchased.  I mean when it comes to Emily and I it meets all of our preferences.  Its pink, soft, and flowered.  I'm sure she would argue that polk a dots would be even better but she likes this one none the less and since she didn't go shopping with me has no idea that dots were an option.
Now anyone who has  been around my blog for a bit knows that I do not draft patterns.  I like buying patterns way too much to have any need to draft my own.  This is the Oliver and S school picture dress with Lil blue boo leggings and added knit sleeves.  My precious Emily does not like to layer so when I realized this dress did not have full length sleeves I knew that if I didn't add a double sleeve I would spend way too much time arguing with her about the temperature.

Here's a quick breakdown for adding the double sleeve.  Since I don't draft things I just used the knit sleeve from another pattern in my stash.  Since knit fabrics stretch and you can't see the top of the sleeve anyways this worked just fine.
Cut the sleeve and mark the center at the top.
Sew the side seam on both sleeves then finish the bottom either with a cuff or a hem.
Fit the knit sleeve to the arm hole inside the original sleeve.  If you need to stretch or ease it a bit all should still be just fine.
Here is another shot where you can see both sleeves.  Then by all means finish that arm while with a serger or zig zag stitch.
There really isn't much more to say.  As usual the pattern was a dream to sew.  I did shorten the neck piece so it wouldn't bother the buggins.  Light weight cord was a great weight for the design.  Its substantial enough to hang well but doesn't feel too bulky for the pocket or collar.  The leggings and sleeves are out of cotton lycra which I think is my favorite type of knit to sew.  Again its thick enough to be fairly easy to sew while still being soft and stretchy. 


  1. Absolutely adorable.. both dress and Emily.. [Great photos too].. I love corduroy..SO warm/soft/ and comfortable.. Happy sewing.

  2. This is such a great winter wonderland look.
    with love,

  3. so fun! A pretty pink winter dress ;o) I also linked up to Project Run and Play... a bathrobe I made for my son! Emily@nap-timecreations.com

  4. You did a lovely job with the sleeves! Lovely dress!