Wednesday, February 19, 2014

fleece onsie

One of my goals for 2014 is to sew a bit more for my son.  He always appreciates me taking time to make him things and truthfully as he's getting bigger and outgrowing kids stores all while not really growing into adult stores or styles its becoming a bit more necessary.  Believe it or not he already has two pairs of fleece one piece onesie style jamies but they are all he will wear no matter how dirty they are so with all our lounging around the house days he needed one more pair at last.
I used M6475 and fleece from my stash.  I'm not sure why I had the pattern I must have felt compelled to buy it during one of the many patterns sales at JoAnns.  Its not a great pattern but its not bad either it just sort of is what it is I guess.  The instructions for the pockets were not very good and mine ended up uneven so at that point I gave up on the instructions and just did what I wanted.  The fit is good though.  I cut him an adult xs.  He is almost 5ft 4in but very skinny and they fit well.  I did add wide elastic to the sleeve and leg cuffs since they were both just a touch long but the way he's been growing there was no way I was actually going to shorten anything.
At first I didn't think I had enough fabric to make him these bc I didn't have 3 yards of any particular fleece.  I'm on a stash diet though so I decided to use a 2 yard piece of grey fleece plus some green that was left over from making Neil's fleece jamies a few years ago.  I think they work together plus we are not talking about church clothes here.
Here is the back view.  He is pleased.  His only complaint is that these do not have feet.  The pattern did have booties but I know him well enough to know that those would have just gotten lost.  I know Jalie has a version of this with feet but since it seems to be a pretty easy to find Big3 style I will probably just stick to those.  I'm not a huge fan of tracing patterns and don't trace Big3 ones since I always buy them on sale.  I'll just label this on XS for if and when Emily is this size and wants one.  When he needs a bigger one I may buy the bigger pattern and find some fleece on sale.


  1. Great idea... and used up some stash.. Cute and look so cozy and comfortable.. Happy sewing.

    1. Thanks. Its funny how long it took me to realize that I could use 2 pieces of fabric for this. Let me tell you though watching someone his size walk around the house in a onsie is just plain funny. He's happy though.