Sunday, February 16, 2014

love love love

Let's see where to begin.  My one project at a time rule is going well at least in terms of not feeling so overwhelmed despite the fact that we have been quite busy and some of my other goals have kept me from my sewing room a good bit so far this year.  Its also lead to my finishing some things well before they are really needed.
That was certainly the case for Emily's Valentines outfit.  I think most of this fabric came from a mystery box that I ordered a year or two ago.  I had a large scrap of the languages of love main print and matching stripes and less then a yard of the heavier pink fabric.  All three went together but I knew I needed to get them used before she got too much bigger.  This outfit already required some creative pattern piece placement in order to get all the pieces cut out of these 3 fabrics.  That's part of why the pants have ruffles.
Both patterns are from Ottobre.  The top is the number 18 jersey blouse from the 1/2009 issue.  It was fairly easy to make.  I didn't really read the directions so I'm not sure how they were I just put the top together.  It was supposed to have some shirring in the front but I didn't feel like doing that so I just gathered the bottom panel onto the top one for the front and back.  I also used fold over elastic for the neck and sleeves instead of ribbing.  Emily likes the top but it is very hard to get over her head.  If I  make it again I will cut the neck a bit larger.  The pants are number 13 from the 1/2010 issue.  They are supposed to be made from woven fabric and do not have ruffles but  I liked the leg shape so I went with them.  My initial plan was to just add a tiny ruffle at the bottom but my fabric not long enough so I cut them as long as I could and then cut a ruffle from the leftover fabric.  Emily loves these and I like them better then some of the ruffle pants patterns I have tried bc they are a bit slimmer until you get to the ruffles.
We haven't been to school since Tuesday because of the snow.  Emily had to wear this outfit though.  She has been waiting for weeks now.  Here she is writing love in the snow.  Don't worry though I've washed the outfit so that she can wear it to school on Monday.  This also counts as a stash diet post.  All of this fabric was in my stash I think it only ended up being about 1 and 1/2 total yards though plus a scrap of fold over elastic.  Oh well its still fabric leaving my stash which is great.  I feel guilty when I look at all my unused fabric so its nice to be reducing that a bit as a time. 


  1. Absolutely beautiful... EMily looks so cute in her new outfit.. proud she likes it, That is always a plus..
    Happy sewing.