Monday, March 31, 2014

Princess Belt

You would think after such a long break I'd have more to show then a belt but alas I don't.  My serger broke and has been replaced.   I've nearly finished a lovely knit dress for myself except that I need to hit a few seams with the new serger.  I'm in the middle of a crazy detailed Easter dress for Emily but won't have it done for a while.  I also have almost finished knitting my first sweater.  It fits but needs buttons and the ends woven in.  Well that and for me to figure out how best to wear it but maybe ya'll can help with that.

Emily has a few pairs of shorts for this summer that are a little big in the waist and did not come with adjustable elastic (seriously Justice?). I've added some to the back of the worst offender but decided it might also be high time for little miss thing to start wearing a belt.
I found a tutorial for this cute little belt on pinterest.  OK like most things I found and pinned it a long time ago but finally got around to making one last week.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Little Bitty Emily

This is the dress I made for Emily's 1st Birthday.  Its so hard to believe she was ever this little.  I used the Olivia dress pattern with no added seam allowances despite the fact that she was still pretty tiny and it worked out pretty well.  I say pretty well because it fit her again for her 2nd Birthday.

Even when she was this age she still really only got taller so if you look closely you can see that the sleeves were a bit short here.  I made her a fancy dress for her Birthday pictures both years but its just more comfortable to go to your party in a knit dress.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Mermaid @ Heart

I had a bit of a bad mommy slip this week.  I completely forgot that Emily had a Daisy Girls Scouts event that they were supposed to come to dressed as their favorite princess.  Now a few years ago I made some princess dresses but sadly most of those do not fit anymore.  Add to that Emily's favorite princess is Ariel and we did not have that dress.  I figured all of this out Friday morning.  The event was Saturday morning.  Thankfully I did have a tutorial for a mermaid tail skirt.
I used this tutorial from Girl Inspired to make the skirt.  I bought some craze shiny dance wear fabric that was on sale.  It was an absolute bear to sew and my machine threw a fit.  I have a good machine and usually it doesn't complain but it hated this stuff. 
The tutorial was good and aside from fabric issues the skirt was easy to put together.  Its designed to have negative ease in the hips which did not work super well with this fabric since it wasn't very stretchy.  This also made it a little hard to walk in so in the future I will probably just use her hip measurement.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Seussical Outfit

Emily's kindergarten class celebrated Dr. Seuss day on Monday.  I simply had to make her a special outfit.  Mostly I made the outfit because I had a yard of the Dr. Seuss fabric from a few years ago that I wanted to use before she got too old to want a skirt out of such childish fabric.
I also took this as an opportunity to use some of the tutorials that I had pinned.  I used this scort pattern to make the skirt.  I asked her if she wanted a scort but she said she just wanted a skirt.  Honestly, I sort of prefer to just do a skirt anyways because that allows us to wear whatever length leggings or playground shorts that we want under the skirt depending on the weather.
The tutorial I used for the shirt has been around for years as in it predates the indy pattern that is very similar.  The tutorial is just for the yoke so I used the tee shirt from Sewing Clothes Kids Love as a base.  I lowered the neckline by about 1inch and added a bit of length.  I usually just hold the pattern piece up to a shirt that I know fits her and add however much it will take to make the tee that length.  I also used yellow fold over elastic for the neckline instead of fabric.
This project was also a big win from a stash diet standpoint.  I've had the Seuss fabric for years, the green fabric came in a mystery box a while back, and all of the trimmings were also in my stash.  I didn't even have to by thread to make this one.
I wasn't sure about the tiny little yoke on the top of this skirt but I went with it just the same and as it turns out I really like the look.  It keeps the bulk off of her waist while still having plenty of twirl power.