Monday, March 10, 2014

Mermaid @ Heart

I had a bit of a bad mommy slip this week.  I completely forgot that Emily had a Daisy Girls Scouts event that they were supposed to come to dressed as their favorite princess.  Now a few years ago I made some princess dresses but sadly most of those do not fit anymore.  Add to that Emily's favorite princess is Ariel and we did not have that dress.  I figured all of this out Friday morning.  The event was Saturday morning.  Thankfully I did have a tutorial for a mermaid tail skirt.
I used this tutorial from Girl Inspired to make the skirt.  I bought some craze shiny dance wear fabric that was on sale.  It was an absolute bear to sew and my machine threw a fit.  I have a good machine and usually it doesn't complain but it hated this stuff. 
The tutorial was good and aside from fabric issues the skirt was easy to put together.  Its designed to have negative ease in the hips which did not work super well with this fabric since it wasn't very stretchy.  This also made it a little hard to walk in so in the future I will probably just use her hip measurement.

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  1. Cute, cute.. proud you got it done in time.. Emily looks adorable ..