Monday, March 31, 2014

Princess Belt

You would think after such a long break I'd have more to show then a belt but alas I don't.  My serger broke and has been replaced.   I've nearly finished a lovely knit dress for myself except that I need to hit a few seams with the new serger.  I'm in the middle of a crazy detailed Easter dress for Emily but won't have it done for a while.  I also have almost finished knitting my first sweater.  It fits but needs buttons and the ends woven in.  Well that and for me to figure out how best to wear it but maybe ya'll can help with that.

Emily has a few pairs of shorts for this summer that are a little big in the waist and did not come with adjustable elastic (seriously Justice?). I've added some to the back of the worst offender but decided it might also be high time for little miss thing to start wearing a belt.
I found a tutorial for this cute little belt on pinterest.  OK like most things I found and pinned it a long time ago but finally got around to making one last week.

1 comment:

  1. Adorable... Emily looks happy..
    Best wishes on the Easter Dress. I am working on granddaughters Easter dresses too.Happy sewing.