Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Sailor Dress love

Forgive me this is another post where I didn't actually sew anything.  The thing I love most about the online sewing community is how inspiring I find everyone's work.  On that note if you haven't seen the lovely dresses that SewBlessedMaw made her granddaughters for Easter you really should.  They have left me searching for just the right sailor dress pattern for Emily.  Want to help me choose? 
I love this one from the 1960s.  I would do the skirt and short sleeve top I think though I love the shorts and sleeveless top as well.

As a child of the 80s (born in the 70s but coming of age in the 80s) I love this Annie one.  I could do the long sleeve dress for winter or do the top and just make my own skirt.
This one is from the 1940s.  I'm not sure if I like the suspender skirt better or the top out over the longer skirt.  Not a fan of unmarked patterns though.  Maybe its time to be brave again.
Then there's this one with the sundress and top.  Emily is not a huge jacket fan so I don't know how she would feel about this one but I like the idea.
I'm a fan of this one too but I'm worried a 5 would be pushing my luck.  Emily is still very skinny but she's such a string bean I'm guessing I'd have to do a good but of length figuring.  It would make a lovely fall/winter church outfit though.
One last one.  Just love the full skirt here and the 3/4 sleeves.

All of these are for sale on Etsy so its perfectly fine if you end up buying one out from under me.  Regardless I'd love to know which is your favorite.  I can't decide.  Probably means I don't need one but I'm on a making sure I make cute things while Emily will still wear them kick and I can't believe I've never done a sailor dress.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Pretty in Pink

Emily and I took a few more pictures in her Easter dress this past Sunday.  We are still getting used to shooting with a real camera and I don't think the pictures do the dress justice but they are much better.
Here is a twirl power picture.  The other challenge was that all she wanted to do in her dress was twirl.
Here is a front view.  I used a vintage pattern that Emily picked out but added a good bit of length and the heirloom details.
Here is a close up of the lace and puffing.  As usual it took a lot more time then I thought but was worth all the effort.
Hope you like the pictures.  I'm really hoping that this one fits for a few years like the  last heirloom dress I made.  While I enjoy the process boy do they take a lot of fabric, lace, and time.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Whats For Dinner 1?

Our schedule has been crazy lately.  If we can use the word lately to describe that past year or so.  That has lead to some real challenges when it comes to having dinner as something resembling a family.  We used a meal planning service for a good while but over the past few months we just haven't been liking their recipes.  We've also figured out that if we just except that we will be eating late most nights and plan accordingly things go a lot better.  So that brings me to this new little segment I'm doing mostly to keep myself honest.  I'm calling it What's for Dinner because I get asked that question all day every day and I would really like to know the answer.  So here are our first 4 attempts.

Sour Cream Chicken
We've had this before and liked it but I'm not thrilled with the stuffing mix as an ingredient.  I used it this time but may try to make my own with whole wheat bread in the future.  Not next time though since I still have half a box of mix.  We served it with a tomato salad and grapes.

Bubble up Enchilada
This is a new one for us.  Not thrilled with using biscuit dough and canned sauce but I figured that if we liked it then I could try making my own biscuits and sauce.  We like the idea at least of using mostly real foods but we aren't always very successful.  I did grate my own cheese though.  I also added in the leftover tomato salad from last night.  It was served with kiwi.  Everyone ate this, everyone but Emily had seconds, and Elijah wants to have it again.

Roasted Shrimp & Broccoli
This is a really simple one.  Neil and I really liked it, Elijah liked the shrimp, Emily seemed mostly OK with it though she didn't like the pepper.  Neil did the cooking and I always leave the pepper off but he puts it on.  We also had orzo and a can of peaches (not my first choice but it was storming and I didn't want to run out for fresh).

Power Bowls
Salad for dinner used to be a complete nonstarter with my kids until last month when we discovered the feast approach.  We pick a salad with lots of different components other then veggies put bowls of everything on the table and within reason let the kids pick and choose.  This one was ideal since it had chicken, nuts, roast chickpeas which turned out to be a surprise hit, and cheese.  Emily also requested cut up apples instead of cranberries so we did that.  It was great and now I know that roast chickpeas could go in lunch boxes.

Quinoa Veggie "Fried Rice"
Another hit.  I was surprised but it went well.  Elijah ate around his broccoli but I can accept that.

So 4 for 4.  We also grilled on Saturday and that was also a hit.  I'm hoping to continue doing this to keep myself honest.  The goal is to do at least on recipe that we know we like a per grocery list plus at least one new one.    Then if they are from pinterest they either go to the make again board or the not so much board.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Target Maxi

Didn't you know that Target has more clothing online then they do in the store?  I guess I knew this but it had not dawned on me to check until I came across this dress on another blog.
I had planned on doing some more unsolicited reviews so I decided this dress deserved one.  I love this dress.  Its super comfy and unlike pretty much every maxi they have in both of the Target's close to me it works with a real bra.  For me this is a must.  I mean if you want to go without that's fine but its not going to work for me.  So on to the review.
The good
  • Can wear a real bra
  • Love the sleeves for this time of year
  • Has loops to hold the belt in place
  • Super soft fabric
The not as good
  • Top stitching around the bottom is easy to pull out
  • Super soft fabric is a touch thin.  Not see through but thinner then some would like
So there you have it.  I kind of think this could be the perfect summer dress and it might be getting a solid colored friend.  I got a large and probably could have gotten by with a medium but I'm happy with the slightly looser fit.  

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter Dress

As it turns out this is just a preview.  Easter Sunday was busy here so I had my husband take pictures of the kids while I got dressed.  He didn't adjust the iso on the camera so the whites and very light pinks are completely blown in all of the pictures.  Here are two I took of Emily before we rushed into Sunday School.
and one of us walking home.  Oh well.  I'll get some better ones of the dress hopefully this afternoon and some of both kids in a few days since the big one is home sick today.