Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Pretty in Pink

Emily and I took a few more pictures in her Easter dress this past Sunday.  We are still getting used to shooting with a real camera and I don't think the pictures do the dress justice but they are much better.
Here is a twirl power picture.  The other challenge was that all she wanted to do in her dress was twirl.
Here is a front view.  I used a vintage pattern that Emily picked out but added a good bit of length and the heirloom details.
Here is a close up of the lace and puffing.  As usual it took a lot more time then I thought but was worth all the effort.
Hope you like the pictures.  I'm really hoping that this one fits for a few years like the  last heirloom dress I made.  While I enjoy the process boy do they take a lot of fabric, lace, and time.


  1. Emily is beautiful and I love the dress. The twirl photos are my favorite.. They show just how much she loves this wonderful dress..

  2. what a beautiful dress.........smiles, aunt janet