Saturday, April 26, 2014

Target Maxi

Didn't you know that Target has more clothing online then they do in the store?  I guess I knew this but it had not dawned on me to check until I came across this dress on another blog.
I had planned on doing some more unsolicited reviews so I decided this dress deserved one.  I love this dress.  Its super comfy and unlike pretty much every maxi they have in both of the Target's close to me it works with a real bra.  For me this is a must.  I mean if you want to go without that's fine but its not going to work for me.  So on to the review.
The good
  • Can wear a real bra
  • Love the sleeves for this time of year
  • Has loops to hold the belt in place
  • Super soft fabric
The not as good
  • Top stitching around the bottom is easy to pull out
  • Super soft fabric is a touch thin.  Not see through but thinner then some would like
So there you have it.  I kind of think this could be the perfect summer dress and it might be getting a solid colored friend.  I got a large and probably could have gotten by with a medium but I'm happy with the slightly looser fit.  


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks, I was surprised by how much I like this one. I really like Maxi dresses but the truth is they take so much fabric I couldn't make this one for what I paid. Hopefully I'll get some actual sewing posted soon though.