Sunday, May 4, 2014

90s flashback

We have or well had I'm not sure about their current status a local store that was like a thrift shop just for craft supplies.  Now as great as this sounds I had never been until recently when they did a big fundraiser with foodtrucks to raise money to move to a new location.  As part of this they had things very deeply discounted and I bought a huge pile of vintage and not so vintage patterns.  Here is the first one.
This is Simplicity 7834 from 1992.  Does that count as vintage?  It feels like it shouldn't but the style also seems older then the 90s to me.
I picked this one for the cute back detail though I'm glad she wanted to wear a shirt under the top.
As for the pattern it really isn't great.  The top takes a good bit of time to put together and in the end could have been done better differently.  It was also way too short.  I added the bottom ruffle and it would still be a belly shirt.  I also added the ric rac and ribbon detail.  The shorts have pockets which Emily loves but other then that the fit is awful.
Both fabrics have been in my stash for a while as were the trims so it was a great stash busting project.  I also like how little and cute she looks in this outfit.  She has started to favor more big girl things and its fun to see her look little.  Oh and Janet I hope you recognize the purse.  She uses it to carry around her lip gloss.

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