Tuesday, May 13, 2014

dinner take 3

We've been doing pretty well on the dinner front here though truth be told many of our recent meals have been simple throw together type things.  I know I say this all the time but hopefully things will settle down a bit soon.  You know its crazy when you get the practice schedule for the week and call the other mom in the carpool to say "I thing I've figured out how we can make this work".  That said here are the actual recipes we've done lately.

Spaghetti sauce with lentils mixed in.  Elijah liked it Emily was alright with it and Neil and I were fans though it was a little rough on our tummies.  I think we just aren't used to so many lentils.  I'll put it on the make again list though.  We don't go meatless as often as I would like and this was a step in that direction.

I used catfish instead of tiliapia bc I pretty much treat white fish like an interchangeable ingredient.  Kids didn't eat the topping but loved the fish so its a win.

I've wanted to try these forever and they did not disappoint.  All of us liked them very much.  Emily did much better with the white sauce then she does with the typical red sauce.

This is what I used in the enchiladas and now I have several bags in my freezer for future meals or maybe just future enchiladas.  Nice flavor easy to deal with and I used boneless breasts so I didn't have to worry about finding tiny chicken bones while shredding.

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  1. SOunds like some good recipes.. Thanks for sharing..
    Life is busy ,isn't it? I am always hoping things will slow down..ha