Friday, June 6, 2014

Still Eating Don't Worry

The end of the school year has been crazy here so we've been going out a bit more then I would like.  We've also been using our list of things we know we like which has been great.  Its so nice to make things that the kids already know they like.  Here are a few new things we've done recently though.

One pan baked salmon.  It's so good and so easy we've made it twice already.

Backed Chimi Changas.  These were tasty.  Emily only ate the filling but the rest of us were pleased.  They held a lot of heat though so let them cool or cut them up for little kids.

This is eggs, cheddar cheese, and potatoes.  Everyone was pleased.
Pesto chicken pasta salad.  I made this on a night when I knew we would all be walking into the house hungry at 8pm.  I used regular pesto and a can of oranges instead of the specific recommended ingredients.  I also mixed it up hours ahead of time and served it cold.  

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

PJ Day

During spirit week this year one of the days was PJ day.  Easy enough right?  Except that the girl can't wear nighties unless they have bottoms and no one can wear tank tops.  No big deal if it weren't also hot.  I know I could have gone shopping and gotten both kids new pjs but finding any for Emily that truely fit the rules would have been hard and finding any for Elijah that were topics he liked would have also been hard so I decided just to make them instead.
Emily's Pjs were made from a 90s pattern I picked up a while ago, Simplicity 9943.  I made shorts instead of bloomers to go under it though to keep up with the dress code.  Elijah's shorts were made from burda 9641.  Not a pj pattern but a shorts pattern that I had on hand.  I bought the fabric for Elijah's shorts since I don't have much boy fabric in my stash but the fabric for Emily's set has been hanging out in the stash for way too long.  There was a time when I would have said it was too nice for PJs but now I figure if its been there more then a year just using it is the ne goal.  Elijah's shirt was done with freezer paper.