Friday, August 29, 2014

August books

I'm trying to read more.  Mostly because both of my kids are required to read for school but also because its one of those things I rarely take time to do but still enjoy.

Rain Girl
This one is I bit like watching a police procedural show in a good way.  I didn't figure it all our right away but the ending also wasn't shocking.  It was entertaining.

The Paper Magician
Neat little story.  I'm guessing its going to be part of a series.  It was fun to read in the same way teen fiction can be fun to read but without the 16 year olds.

If I Stay
Granted I'm not a teenage girl but this book stunk.  Maybe I'm just sick of teenage love stories but I ended up skimming more and more as I went on because it was just boring.

The Secret Garden
I'm pretty sure my mom read me this book at some point.  I know I had a copy of it in my room for years.  All that said I couldn't really remember the story so I decided to read it again.  Not shockingly it was good.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Christmas Skirts

I've posted a few times about the fabric my friend Meredith gave me last year but perhaps my favorite part was a bag full of vintage Christmas fabrics.  Some large pieces and some small but a lot of unique prints that I don't think are even out there anymore.  She said she picked it up at a church yard sale.  I guessing someone has planned to make a quilt but never quite got around to it.  We can all relate to that right? 

Well I meant to make all 3 girls Sudoku skirts for Christmas last year but ran out of time.  This year I decided to make them in July.
These things took forever but they were fun to make.  The only change I made to the pattern was using knit for the waistband.
I went ahead and made the largest size in hopes that at least Emily will get a few year out of this one.  When Christmas rolls around I plan on using my Silhouette to make her an applique tee to go with the skirt.  Don't worry Meredeth if you give me shirts for the girls I will make them applique tees as well. 

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Pantry 2

Still going pretty well here.  Emily is in the final stretch of summer vacation and Elijah is adjusting well to school.  Oh and I'm pretty much refusing to do real grocery shopping until Emily starts school on Monday so the pantry clean out continues.
I have no idea why I bought a pack of whole wheat lasagna noodles but there they were in the pantry under the spaghetti noodles.  I was tempted to ingnore them but instead I made this lasagna and it really was pretty easy.  Only problem was Emily decided to turn her nose up over the spinach.  I had substituted frozen chopped but if I make it again I think I will use leaves so that they are easier to pick out.  I'd rather she didn't pick things out but that my friends is another issue.
I think we are starting to run low on quinoa but no fear we still have 3 kinds of rice and several partial packs of noodles.  This was really tasty though and I'm sure we will have it again.
Tonight's dinner will be opening the jar of capers.  We've had this before hopefully everyone will still like it.
These are just good.  They did use some brown sugar.  We are now down to part of one bag instead of half of 3 bags.
Making this today for breakfast tomorrow.  In addition to flour and honey this will use the can of pumpkin from the pantry.  I'm also going to add half a bag of cranberries for interest.

The pickings are getting a bit slim in there and I will have to start building it back up again but I'm glad we are finding our way to the back of the shelves.  I can't stand that feeling when I go to the grocery store to buy a weeks worth of groceries and then can't fit them in the pantry and fridge bc there is still so much stuff in there.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Emily likes Anna

Are you ready for a moment of truth gang?  I don't really care for Frozen.  I mean its fine and all for a kids movie but its no where near my favorite princess movie.  Emily is a big fan though and likes Anna way more then Elsa.  As do I mostly because I liked Anna's dress way more then Elsa's dress.  Olaf was my favorite charactor but that is a nonissue at the moment.

This is the fancy dress from Sewing Clothes Kids Love and boy was it time consuming.  No one step was all that hard but it has a bunch of pieces and it just took a lot of time.  It also takes a lot of time before you can easily check for fit.  I ended up having to redo part of the bodice because it runs quite wide.
I can't help but love the end result though.
I even enjoyed doing the hand embroidery on the front.

So to sum things up.  Emily prefers Anna, I prefer grown up movies, and while I love the end result I won't be using this pattern again anytime soon.  It was way more work then Feliz and I think Fleliz gives just as much dramatic effect.

Friday, August 15, 2014

pantry clean out 1

In addition to blogging about what we are eating this past week I decided it was time to start actively using the bits and pieces in the pantry.  You ladies know what I mean.  The half container of pasta, bread crumbs, rice, and so on.  Bonus points if you have 2 or more half containers of the exact same thing.  So this week my planning included trying to use as many of these ingredients as possible.
These are not a dinner food but they did use up the remaining lentils in one of the 2 partial bags, a small jar of honey, and the last of a jar of peanut butter that was not the kind the kids liked.  All together they loved them and they were super moist.
These Monte Cristos used up the last of a loaf of bread that was passing its prime.  The only gripe was the mustard in the batter.  Next time we will leave it out.
Using a left over sweet potato and sadly the last of the butter.  Also some of one of the bags of brown sugar.  Not great for us but tasted great with the sandwiches.
This one has become a staple around here but with 2 partial bags of stuffing we will surely be having it again.
We had 2 partial jars of quinoa back from when we used a meal planning service.  Now we are down to one and surprisingly both kids really liked this.  Neither kid ate the tomatoes on top but aside from that it was a surprising win.
This used up the rest of the sour cream as well as some pantry ingredients.  Oh and it tasted great.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Mama Tops

So the truth is I haven't been feeling like taking modeling shots lately.  Its one of those things that sometimes I don't mind but other times I just look at pictures of myself and see flaws.  Regardless I wanted to share a bit of sewing that I did for myself earlier in the summer.  Two lovely mama tops one modeled one not.  Both have gotten some wear and compliments.

First up the Hot Patterns Blouse Back Top.
I like how on trend it is as well as the fact that it only uses one yard of each fabric.  This one is made from a very drapy cream rayon and some Liberty of London Hello Kitty Lawn that I got on a super sale.  I've been liking slightly looser tops lately even though the look can be challenging with my larger then average chest.
I plant to make another but need to do a bit of work on fit first.  The body is a bit wider then I really want but the sleeves are a touch tight.  All in all I'm pleased though and the pattern was very easy to work with.  I'm also not sure I loved using such a floppy knit.  I do have plans to make another one though and plan to continue wearing this one.  I sort of think it will look better with jeans this fall then it does with shorts.

Shirt 2 is a peplum top made from the Lady Skater dress pattern.  I love this pattern and only made minor changes to make it a top.
I did some slashing and spreading to the skirt other then that it is the same pattern.  I have gotten lots of compliments on this one so here's to hoping that is a good thing.  I plan on making another dress or so from this pattern this fall once I get the Cake Leggings pattern just right.  I'm really more of a comfy knit dress girl then jeans or shorts a top girl anyways.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

beach 2014

We went to the beach a few weeks ago and had a great time.  Now Elijah has started middle school and summer is winding down.  I promise the next post will feature sewing but for now here are some beach pictures.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Trying the weary chef

Last week I stumbled on the blot thewearychef.  She has a really neat blog with lots of recipes that my family is likely to eat and even does suggested weekly meal plans.  I didn't follow a plan bc I wanted to try some specific recipes but here is what we tried and  how it went.
Yum yum.  I did specialize these a bit by using corn tortillas so we could do mini ones that had what each person wanted on them.  I think Emily even accidentally ate some beans.
Technically this if from julieseatsandtreats but it was linked on wearychef  Its backed spaghetti with cottage cheese whats not to like here.
Again everyone made their own but these went well.  Emily didn't want beans and rice, Elijah didn't want alvacado, and no one wanted cabbage.
3/4 but boy did Emily protest this one.  I didn't actually love it either but it was OK.
Boys liked this one girls not quite so much.  We will see if it makes a return visit.

I finished the Christmas skirts so I will take pictures for you soon.