Friday, August 29, 2014

August books

I'm trying to read more.  Mostly because both of my kids are required to read for school but also because its one of those things I rarely take time to do but still enjoy.

Rain Girl
This one is I bit like watching a police procedural show in a good way.  I didn't figure it all our right away but the ending also wasn't shocking.  It was entertaining.

The Paper Magician
Neat little story.  I'm guessing its going to be part of a series.  It was fun to read in the same way teen fiction can be fun to read but without the 16 year olds.

If I Stay
Granted I'm not a teenage girl but this book stunk.  Maybe I'm just sick of teenage love stories but I ended up skimming more and more as I went on because it was just boring.

The Secret Garden
I'm pretty sure my mom read me this book at some point.  I know I had a copy of it in my room for years.  All that said I couldn't really remember the story so I decided to read it again.  Not shockingly it was good.

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