Sunday, August 17, 2014

Emily likes Anna

Are you ready for a moment of truth gang?  I don't really care for Frozen.  I mean its fine and all for a kids movie but its no where near my favorite princess movie.  Emily is a big fan though and likes Anna way more then Elsa.  As do I mostly because I liked Anna's dress way more then Elsa's dress.  Olaf was my favorite charactor but that is a nonissue at the moment.

This is the fancy dress from Sewing Clothes Kids Love and boy was it time consuming.  No one step was all that hard but it has a bunch of pieces and it just took a lot of time.  It also takes a lot of time before you can easily check for fit.  I ended up having to redo part of the bodice because it runs quite wide.
I can't help but love the end result though.
I even enjoyed doing the hand embroidery on the front.

So to sum things up.  Emily prefers Anna, I prefer grown up movies, and while I love the end result I won't be using this pattern again anytime soon.  It was way more work then Feliz and I think Fleliz gives just as much dramatic effect.


  1. Emily and her dress is gorgeous.. I have made the Feliz for my granddaughters, but I never did this one [I own the book too].. TOO many pieces.ha
    But this dress is just so pretty. Happy sewing.

    1. I hear you. I did make a neat discovery this time though. Fine point sharpies bleed through the tissue so I made the pieces by putting the tissue over regular paper and just drawing over the line. Much easier. Still a pain though.