Thursday, August 14, 2014

Mama Tops

So the truth is I haven't been feeling like taking modeling shots lately.  Its one of those things that sometimes I don't mind but other times I just look at pictures of myself and see flaws.  Regardless I wanted to share a bit of sewing that I did for myself earlier in the summer.  Two lovely mama tops one modeled one not.  Both have gotten some wear and compliments.

First up the Hot Patterns Blouse Back Top.
I like how on trend it is as well as the fact that it only uses one yard of each fabric.  This one is made from a very drapy cream rayon and some Liberty of London Hello Kitty Lawn that I got on a super sale.  I've been liking slightly looser tops lately even though the look can be challenging with my larger then average chest.
I plant to make another but need to do a bit of work on fit first.  The body is a bit wider then I really want but the sleeves are a touch tight.  All in all I'm pleased though and the pattern was very easy to work with.  I'm also not sure I loved using such a floppy knit.  I do have plans to make another one though and plan to continue wearing this one.  I sort of think it will look better with jeans this fall then it does with shorts.

Shirt 2 is a peplum top made from the Lady Skater dress pattern.  I love this pattern and only made minor changes to make it a top.
I did some slashing and spreading to the skirt other then that it is the same pattern.  I have gotten lots of compliments on this one so here's to hoping that is a good thing.  I plan on making another dress or so from this pattern this fall once I get the Cake Leggings pattern just right.  I'm really more of a comfy knit dress girl then jeans or shorts a top girl anyways.

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  1. Two great tops.. Love the lady skater dress turned top.. Great idea..
    Happy sewing.