Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Pantry 2

Still going pretty well here.  Emily is in the final stretch of summer vacation and Elijah is adjusting well to school.  Oh and I'm pretty much refusing to do real grocery shopping until Emily starts school on Monday so the pantry clean out continues.

I have no idea why I bought a pack of whole wheat lasagna noodles but there they were in the pantry under the spaghetti noodles.  I was tempted to ingnore them but instead I made this lasagna and it really was pretty easy.  Only problem was Emily decided to turn her nose up over the spinach.  I had substituted frozen chopped but if I make it again I think I will use leaves so that they are easier to pick out.  I'd rather she didn't pick things out but that my friends is another issue.

I think we are starting to run low on quinoa but no fear we still have 3 kinds of rice and several partial packs of noodles.  This was really tasty though and I'm sure we will have it again.

Tonight's dinner will be opening the jar of capers.  We've had this before hopefully everyone will still like it.

These are just good.  They did use some brown sugar.  We are now down to part of one bag instead of half of 3 bags.

Making this today for breakfast tomorrow.  In addition to flour and honey this will use the can of pumpkin from the pantry.  I'm also going to add half a bag of cranberries for interest.

The pickings are getting a bit slim in there and I will have to start building it back up again but I'm glad we are finding our way to the back of the shelves.  I can't stand that feeling when I go to the grocery store to buy a weeks worth of groceries and then can't fit them in the pantry and fridge bc there is still so much stuff in there.

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  1. you have done a great job.. emptying your pantry.. I am working on the same thing...but not doing quiet as good as you..ha
    Can't believe the kids are back in school..[my grandkids are too]..This has been the quickest summer.