Friday, August 15, 2014

pantry clean out 1

In addition to blogging about what we are eating this past week I decided it was time to start actively using the bits and pieces in the pantry.  You ladies know what I mean.  The half container of pasta, bread crumbs, rice, and so on.  Bonus points if you have 2 or more half containers of the exact same thing.  So this week my planning included trying to use as many of these ingredients as possible.
These are not a dinner food but they did use up the remaining lentils in one of the 2 partial bags, a small jar of honey, and the last of a jar of peanut butter that was not the kind the kids liked.  All together they loved them and they were super moist.
These Monte Cristos used up the last of a loaf of bread that was passing its prime.  The only gripe was the mustard in the batter.  Next time we will leave it out.
Using a left over sweet potato and sadly the last of the butter.  Also some of one of the bags of brown sugar.  Not great for us but tasted great with the sandwiches.
This one has become a staple around here but with 2 partial bags of stuffing we will surely be having it again.
We had 2 partial jars of quinoa back from when we used a meal planning service.  Now we are down to one and surprisingly both kids really liked this.  Neither kid ate the tomatoes on top but aside from that it was a surprising win.
This used up the rest of the sour cream as well as some pantry ingredients.  Oh and it tasted great.

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