Monday, August 4, 2014

Trying the weary chef

Last week I stumbled on the blot thewearychef.  She has a really neat blog with lots of recipes that my family is likely to eat and even does suggested weekly meal plans.  I didn't follow a plan bc I wanted to try some specific recipes but here is what we tried and  how it went.
Yum yum.  I did specialize these a bit by using corn tortillas so we could do mini ones that had what each person wanted on them.  I think Emily even accidentally ate some beans.
Technically this if from julieseatsandtreats but it was linked on wearychef  Its backed spaghetti with cottage cheese whats not to like here.
Again everyone made their own but these went well.  Emily didn't want beans and rice, Elijah didn't want alvacado, and no one wanted cabbage.
3/4 but boy did Emily protest this one.  I didn't actually love it either but it was OK.
Boys liked this one girls not quite so much.  We will see if it makes a return visit.

I finished the Christmas skirts so I will take pictures for you soon.

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