Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Justice Selfies

Emily had a teacher work day this past Thursday so she and I decided to go to Justice and look for some fall/winter things.  Here are the things we tried out.
Emily liked this skirt but we ended up leaving it at the store because it had built in shorts and that wouldn't be great for cold days.  We also didn't get the tee even though we could use some plain long sleeve tees.
Cute but itchy so this was also a no go.

These came as a set.  I wasn't thrilled by the fact that the under shirt is a tank but agreed to buy it once she promised to leave the jacket on no matter what.  Her school doesn't allow tanks unless you have on a jacket or sweater.
Emily still loves anything Paris related.  Lots of shirts at Justice this year, possibly every year, are cropped and a little see through so this one needed a long tank underneath .  We got the tops but skipped the track pants since she didn't love them and has plenty of pants this fall.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

super nova shirt

I ordered this super nova fabric from Girl Charlie to make myself a skirt but when I opened the box Emily squealed so it became hears.  Its also really too thin for the fitted skirt that I had in mind but I may order myself some for a loose dress or top.
I also lucked out because I had a small scrap of knit fabric in my scrap bin that matched the pink in the fabric just perfectly. 
A friend gave me quite a few pairs of hand me down jeans that fit Emily beautifully so we have been doing mostly tunic style tops for this winter.  This one is from Ottobre 4/08.   Emily is in the smallest size.  The only change I made was making the cuffs much longer.  We like a long cuff in these parts.
Hope you like.  There has been a lot of sewing but not showing going on around here  so I will try to get caught up in the next little bit.  We are getting some early tastes of fall here so getting these things finished is becoming a bit more urgent.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

This is Em in Grade 1

Emily started 1st grade a few weeks ago.  Thanks to a bit of a scheduling mess up on my part I was unable to walk her to school or pick her up after.  I was at work over both of those times though not most of the time in the middle.  Oh well she is no worse for the wear and Daddy did a great job taking pictures. 
Moment of truth here.  I actually didn't want to make a back to school dress.  She has so much stuff and I had several mommy projects I wanted to use my sewing time on (both completed but not blogged) so I made what I thought was a great offer.  I said I could make her a dress or I would take her to Justice to buy a back to school outfit.  Well ladies they don't sell this dress at Justice but I am glad for at least one more year she picked mama made over tweeny goodness.
This is the Rose dress from Otto 1/08.  My first ever Ottobre and this dress was on the cover.  I was sure I would make it the moment she was big enough.  I did not do that but as I was thumbing through trying to decide what to do with this fabric that had been in my stash for almost as long I decided it was time.  I made a 116 which is how tall she is these days.  I still added a bit of length and decided that dress was a bit of a strong term.  This is a tunic.  A very cute tunic but a tunic just the same.  Good thing I had some green knit fabric that watched some of the writing.
We are both pleased with this one even if she didn't need any more clothes.  I'm not sure if I will make it again or not but certainly not till spring.  Right now I'm focused on things to wear with the great pile of hand me down jeans she got for winter.  And maybe making myself a few new things from the patterns I simply had to by recently. 

OH and these are part of the stash diet.  The only thing I had to buy was an invisible zipper.  I even did a pretty good job putting it in.
Oh and I forgot to mention but the leggings are from the lil blue boo leggings pattern.  I just traced a size bigger then last year and they are great and still a fav pattern.