Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Justice Selfies

Emily had a teacher work day this past Thursday so she and I decided to go to Justice and look for some fall/winter things.  Here are the things we tried out.
Emily liked this skirt but we ended up leaving it at the store because it had built in shorts and that wouldn't be great for cold days.  We also didn't get the tee even though we could use some plain long sleeve tees.
Cute but itchy so this was also a no go.

These came as a set.  I wasn't thrilled by the fact that the under shirt is a tank but agreed to buy it once she promised to leave the jacket on no matter what.  Her school doesn't allow tanks unless you have on a jacket or sweater.
Emily still loves anything Paris related.  Lots of shirts at Justice this year, possibly every year, are cropped and a little see through so this one needed a long tank underneath .  We got the tops but skipped the track pants since she didn't love them and has plenty of pants this fall.

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