Saturday, September 27, 2014

super nova shirt

I ordered this super nova fabric from Girl Charlie to make myself a skirt but when I opened the box Emily squealed so it became hears.  Its also really too thin for the fitted skirt that I had in mind but I may order myself some for a loose dress or top.
I also lucked out because I had a small scrap of knit fabric in my scrap bin that matched the pink in the fabric just perfectly. 
A friend gave me quite a few pairs of hand me down jeans that fit Emily beautifully so we have been doing mostly tunic style tops for this winter.  This one is from Ottobre 4/08.   Emily is in the smallest size.  The only change I made was making the cuffs much longer.  We like a long cuff in these parts.
Hope you like.  There has been a lot of sewing but not showing going on around here  so I will try to get caught up in the next little bit.  We are getting some early tastes of fall here so getting these things finished is becoming a bit more urgent.

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  1. Adorable.. Such pretty wonder Emily wanted it..
    Such a cute pattern too..