Thursday, October 30, 2014

Happy 7th

We were in Disney World over Emily's 7th birthday so she just had to have a full princess makeover right???? 

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Too Retro

This was supposed to be a cop out for the cartoon challenge for Project Run and Play but it wasn't finished in time.  Its a vintage pattern with green Hello Kitty Liberty fabric and I feel like the combo might be a bit too much but Emily seems to like it so it will be in her rotation this winter.

I added a little lady bug ribbon to the pocket as well as the extra flower buttons.
So there you have it.  This one was a true stash buster though.  All the fabric plus the ribbon and buttons were from my stash.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Jalie 3245 love

One of the best things about Jalie patterns is the huge size range.  Kids 2 to adult 22 in most envelopes.  That said when Emily was littler I felt like most of their styles were too basic for her.  Now that she is older I'm loving Jalie 3245.  I've been making them tunic length to go with the hand me down jeans she got.  So far I've done 3 and while I don't plan on doing more for her right away I'm sure I will at some point.  This pattern is a great way to use a print without looking like a pj top.
I wanted to do a little reverse applique in the Alabama Chanin style.  I bought this design for my Silhouette then cut 2 fronts for the shirt and matched the embroidery color to the outline color of the print.
I lengthened the sleeves on this one.  Other then that its straight from the pattern.

The goal for this next one was to use up the last of my chevron fabric before it goes completely out of style.
I had enough to cut the arms, neck band, plus a big E on the front.  I thought about adding a ruffle as well but decided not to.
I decided to put a chevron heart on the back as well.  The original idea was to put a small heart on the back to look like a logo.  I ended up going bigger then planned but still like the look.  I also modified the front hem of this one to be more of a high low effect.

This was the first one I made for her.  I picked up the pear fabric at a factory sale and had the brown left over from another project.  Its basic but we like it that way.  This one has the original sleeve length and as you can see they don't make it to her elbows.

Friday, October 3, 2014

September Books

These are the books I finished in September.

7: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess
I really liked the idea of this book or at least what I thought the idea was.  I thought it was going to be about simplifying.  It sort of was but it was more about fasting which is different.  It was still interesting though I got frustrated because I would have liked to hear more about the actually process and  would have liked to know what the long term results were.  She left it very open ended.  Probably because it was due to her publisher soon after the experiment was over according to the book.  It was interesting though and I did clean out my closet and spend some time debating which 7 articles of clothing I would pick to wear for a whole month.  I also liked that she touched on how hard it can be to prioritize between things like buying organic, buying local, and spending less money.

In Defense of Food
I know I'm super late to this party but I've been catching up on some of the books that I put on my books to read list but never actually read.  We've been trying to switch to mostly real food for a while now.  I found the history part very interesting but felt like he focused too much on this and rushed through the 3rd part that was about what to eat.  Oh well still interesting.

Women Food and God
This one had also been on my list for ever.  Read as I heard about it on Oprah before her show went of the air.  It was interesting.  Not really about God at all but interesting.

Gerties Sews Vintage Casual
Technically I didn't read the whole thing but I have looked at the pictures and made a muslin of the pants pattern.  This book rocks and I'm so glad I treated myself.  I really want a tnt pants pattern and have high hopes for this one.  Oh and Emily loves the pictures of Gertie and would like pink hair.

Wildly Affordable Organic
This one I did read and it was pretty bad.  I mean if your up for eating mostly dried beans, onions, and high protean pasta I guess it might be great but its not for us.

100 Days of Real Food
Didn't read the whole intro how we did it part since I've read her blog but I'm loving the recipes.  Some but not all of them were on her blog but I really prefer a cookbook plus everything we've made has been super yummy.  The kids have even eaten some meat free meals.  We will be using this one quite a bit.