Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Mustache Top

Let me begin by being honest and telling you I'm a little over mustaches everywhere.  I just think kind of like chevron they are a bit overplayed.  Not to say you will never see me use chevron again mind you I just think its sort of lost its shine.  Same with mustaches but I was really drawn to this print on Girl Charlie so I figured why not?
I used not one but two patterns from Perfect Pattern Parcel 5 for this outfit.  I used the Mimi dress which was a pain to make and the yoga pants which were great.
So first the Mimi dress.  When I looked at the parcel I was least impressed by this pattern but it grew on me a bit and I thought the tunic length would be cute out of the mustache fabric with a fuzzy collar.  Really it was the collar that gave  me fits.  There were so many sizes all on one sheet that it was impossible to trace accurately without a color printer and then mine just wouldn't line up the way I thought it should.  After nearly giving up (trust me if I hadn't liked the fabric I would have quit) I looked more closely at some of the sample picks and I think its on the way its supposed to be.  Other then that it was an OK but not great pattern.  I doubt I will make it again but who knows.
As for the pants they went together like a dream and fit her really well.  I know they look long but little miss has pretty thick soled shoes at the moment so they work well together.  I used some of that really think JoAnns Rib knit for these and I think it was a good match.  I'm not sure if I would have purchased the pattern on its own since I have versions of yoga pants already but now that I have it I think it will be a go to for a while. 
So there you have it for those two.  All in all I'm having fun with this parcel and am looking forward to seeing what is in the December parcel. 

Friday, November 14, 2014

Sleeping Sunki

Here is my second offering from Perfect Pattern Parcel 5.  This is the Figgy Sunki dress.  I had been lusting after this pattern for a while when it popped up as the bonus pattern in the parcel.  I'm pretty sure its also the one that pushed me over the edge in terms of buying the parcel.
I was drawn to this pattern because of the unique pocket detail and my pocket loving not yet tween also loves these pockets.   I like the way they look, she likes that they are flannel lined.  I will tell you though they were a but of a pain to make.  There are directions and pictures but it still took me a while to wrap my brain around exactly how they went together and I felt like the pattern pieces were not shaped quite the same way as the pieces in the drawing.  That said once I figured it out it wasn't hard so that could have been me.
I used my Far Far Away 2 sleeping beauty fabric that had spent way too long curing in my stash for the body of the dress and pink flannel for the pockets.  I ended up having to recut the front because a line had worn into the fabric at the fold.  If you look closely you can also see that she has a long sleeve shirt on under the dress.  She said it was itchy and I've known her long enough to know there is no point in arguing with her on this point.
Once I got past the pockets this one was easy to sew.  I did choose to use my invisible zipper foot instead of following her directions and I gathered the sleeves instead of making the little pleats.  I could see making this pattern again next year.  I think its a nice winter dress pattern (there is a short sleeve option for spring).  I'm glad to have it in my stash even though its not a pattern I can see using often.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Playhouse Nightgown

I'm guessing most of the online sewing community has heard of the various Perfect Pattern Parcels by now.  I think I've considered buying all 7 well 6 of 7 since I don't sew bags.  That said to date I've only purchased parcel 5.  It was the tween girl parcel and while Emily really isn't a tween yet and she edges closer to a 7 in many pdf patterns I'm just not willing to buy the little girl ones anymore.  I still wasn't sure about this one but I had not tried out any of the designers yet and thought all the patterns looked pretty cute.  At this point I have sewn all but one of the patterns and will be reviewing them individually over the next week or so.

First up the Playhouse Dress from Fishstick Designs.
I'll be honest here.  I think it was the fabric she used in her pdf pictures but the more I looked the more it looked like a night gown to me so I decided to just make a night gown.  It turned out cute and was easy to make but as drafted its a major fabric hog.  You could fix this by straightening the skirt just a bit but I didn't bother for this one.
I used knit fabric for all of the pieces though you could use a woven for the skirt and sleeves.  I like that you can use both bc I still have a lot of cute woven fabric hanging out in my stash.  These fabrics were both in my stash as well which is why I didn't mind using so much fabric for the skirt.
Someone else also appreciated the extra fabric in the skirt.

I'm pleased with the outcome of this project.  The pattern pieces lined up well and the instructions were easy to follow.  I'm not sure if I would have purchased this pattern on its own but its one that I'm glad to have in my stash even if I just use it for night gowns.  I think it could also make a cute tunic top with a few modifications.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Cupcake Hat

I've really been enjoying making hats these days.  Well that and looking through ravelry for patterns that I just love.  Some of my favorites are the cupcake hats so I made this one for Emily using leftover yarn from the sweater I made her last year and the dolly Emily from a few years ago.
It was a pretty simple knit.  I didn't like the way they did the bobbles though so I made them my own way.  I think she looks a bit more like an ice cream cone but that's still pretty cute.
Here is the link to the pattern.  I also left off the pom pom since I never put cherries on cupcakes.  Well that and bc I didn't have any red yarn at the house.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

dotted mabel

I guess a few months ago I became a bit obsessed with the Colette Mabel skirt.  I ordered the pattern, made a muslin, added some length, straightened out the hip down part a bit, and made myself a navy blue polk a dot one.  Now all I have to do is figure out what to wear it with.
I've worn this skirt once and it is very comfy.  I could not find thick enough knit fabric in a print that I liked so this one is fully lined with plain navy cotton lycra.  I like the skirt a lot but I must say that if you do not have a perfectly flat tummy in this skirt you will be able to tell.  Not exactly a problem but worth noting.  It is unlikely that I will ever tuck a shirt in with this one.