Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Mustache Top

Let me begin by being honest and telling you I'm a little over mustaches everywhere.  I just think kind of like chevron they are a bit overplayed.  Not to say you will never see me use chevron again mind you I just think its sort of lost its shine.  Same with mustaches but I was really drawn to this print on Girl Charlie so I figured why not?
I used not one but two patterns from Perfect Pattern Parcel 5 for this outfit.  I used the Mimi dress which was a pain to make and the yoga pants which were great.
So first the Mimi dress.  When I looked at the parcel I was least impressed by this pattern but it grew on me a bit and I thought the tunic length would be cute out of the mustache fabric with a fuzzy collar.  Really it was the collar that gave  me fits.  There were so many sizes all on one sheet that it was impossible to trace accurately without a color printer and then mine just wouldn't line up the way I thought it should.  After nearly giving up (trust me if I hadn't liked the fabric I would have quit) I looked more closely at some of the sample picks and I think its on the way its supposed to be.  Other then that it was an OK but not great pattern.  I doubt I will make it again but who knows.
As for the pants they went together like a dream and fit her really well.  I know they look long but little miss has pretty thick soled shoes at the moment so they work well together.  I used some of that really think JoAnns Rib knit for these and I think it was a good match.  I'm not sure if I would have purchased the pattern on its own since I have versions of yoga pants already but now that I have it I think it will be a go to for a while. 
So there you have it for those two.  All in all I'm having fun with this parcel and am looking forward to seeing what is in the December parcel. 

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