Friday, November 14, 2014

Sleeping Sunki

Here is my second offering from Perfect Pattern Parcel 5.  This is the Figgy Sunki dress.  I had been lusting after this pattern for a while when it popped up as the bonus pattern in the parcel.  I'm pretty sure its also the one that pushed me over the edge in terms of buying the parcel.
I was drawn to this pattern because of the unique pocket detail and my pocket loving not yet tween also loves these pockets.   I like the way they look, she likes that they are flannel lined.  I will tell you though they were a but of a pain to make.  There are directions and pictures but it still took me a while to wrap my brain around exactly how they went together and I felt like the pattern pieces were not shaped quite the same way as the pieces in the drawing.  That said once I figured it out it wasn't hard so that could have been me.
I used my Far Far Away 2 sleeping beauty fabric that had spent way too long curing in my stash for the body of the dress and pink flannel for the pockets.  I ended up having to recut the front because a line had worn into the fabric at the fold.  If you look closely you can also see that she has a long sleeve shirt on under the dress.  She said it was itchy and I've known her long enough to know there is no point in arguing with her on this point.
Once I got past the pockets this one was easy to sew.  I did choose to use my invisible zipper foot instead of following her directions and I gathered the sleeves instead of making the little pleats.  I could see making this pattern again next year.  I think its a nice winter dress pattern (there is a short sleeve option for spring).  I'm glad to have it in my stash even though its not a pattern I can see using often.


  1. I love it.. so cute on Emily..[her new hair cut looks adorable too.]..
    Happy sewing.

  2. Very cute! And darn, I missed that pattern parcel.