Sunday, May 17, 2015

Dress Swap 2015

I know I know life has been full and let's just say the end of this school year cannot come fast enough.  I actually have been sewing a good bit but the whole photo taking and thing hasn't been happening so much.  I'll try to go back and post some things and maybe just tell you about some things that I don't have pics of.  I really hate taking modeling pics of things for myself but have found some patterns I like.

I decided to participate in the spring dress swap on sewing mamas.  Here are some instagrams of the dresses I made.
This is a size 10 pattern mash up but the top is based on my current favorite pattern Jallie 3352  seriously if you don't have it buy it now and if you have it but haven't made it this one should be your next project.  I've made 3 for me, 1 for Emily, and this version for the swap.  Its super easy and I think it looks nice on. 

Emily really wanted to keep this one for herself but I sent it on anyways.  Its based on the dress pattern from this book.  I don't love or hate the book.  I don't really use it much though.  I really prefer buying patterns more then drafting them myself.

These are the two I received.  She loves both.
Thanks for stopping by. 

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